Calmare Therapy is an alternate treatment which may be recommended to treat your pain.

The Calmare® pain therapy device provides excellent pain treatment efficacy through a non-invasive procedure, which successfully treats pain without harmful side effects or the use of powerful and potentially addictive drugs.

Pain Management-Alternatives...

After a comprehensive evaluation careful consideration about management of your pain  is taking into account when considering using medications, other therapies such as physical therapy, acupuncture, behavioral therapy etc.. to treat your condition may be recommended.  

We typically do not prescribe high doses of opioid medications as research continues to show that this regimen has much greater risks for patients with few long-term benefits as compared to lower doses and as such dosing is very individualized . We believe that if you suffer from pain, we can help you. We successfully treat all types of pain with our comprehensive treatment plans.

Interventional pain management

Interventional Pain Management represents an exciting frontier for managing pain in a way that may eliminate or reduce the reliance on medication for the treatment of your pain and restoring the quality of your life. New treatments represent a more immediate and lasting form of relief to patients than drugs, physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation alone. These treatments often offer an alternative to costly and debilitating surgeries in the right person.  We offer a full range of advanced procedures available in Interventional Pain Management from therapeutic injection therapy to spinal cord stimulator implantation. This expertise allows us to select from the various alternatives that ensure the patients receive the appropriate therapy.  Our successful treatment outcomes come from our extensive experience determining the exact location and therapy necessary to obtain relief. 

We Can Provide Pain Management Solutions.

​​We are dedicated to treating both acute and chronic pain. Each patient is given an extensive initial evaluation that includes a personal interview and physical examination as well as a thorough review of all prior medical records, labs, and imaging studies. We then tailor a treatment plan individualized for each patient. We believe in treating the entire person, as pain effects not only the physical aspects of your life but also your mind, spirit, personal relationships, jobs, family, and emotional well being. We have multiple medical modalities to treat pain. These include medications, physical therapy, pain psychotherapy, and interventional pain procedures. Please explore below to gain a better understanding of what our clinic has to offer.